When a transcript is certified it means that your transcript will be proofread by a second person and we do also offer Authorized Court Transcriptionists to proofread your audio/video file.

We offer transcript services to Provincial Offences Court, Crown Attorney's Offices in both Halton and Peel for video and audio recordings, court transcripts, as well as numerous work for CBSA, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Ministry of Education, as well as business meetings and focus groups for other various companies.

We have a dedicated server that houses our files for our clients and offer a secure sign in to upload and download files.  In addition all of your uploads are protected using StartSSL Technology.

Files can be delivered electronically through download from our secure website, or you can receive them by hard copy, or you can have both delivery option.

Pricing depends on many variables, some things that affect the price of transcripts are the delivery of the transcript, what type of a template you want the transcript to be used, whether you want to pay by the page or by the minutes typed, along with other variables.  Please call for a quote so we can get you the best price available for your needs.

Our typists all have years of experience transcribing, they pride themselves in their work and we assign transcripts to typists based on his/her area of expertise.  Our transcriptionists use high-tech transcription equipment and digital dictionary databases to ensure truthfulness and accuracy.