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Our team of authorized court transcriptionists for Ontario are available seven days a week to complete your transcript order, whether a daily, expedite or normal turnaround.  This on-line form can be accessed via your computer or through your smart phone.  It is simple and easy to use.  We will need the following information to process the order:

  • Name of Proceeding

  • Court Location

  • Date of Proceeding

  • Presiding official’s name or and/or courtroom for each date you are ordering

  • Number of copies you require

  • Your address, and phone number.


If this is the first time ordering from us or you are not sure which Authorized Court Transcriptionist can prepare your project, we will assign a trained and experienced Authorized Court Transcriptionist based on the requirements of your project.  Newly graduated Authorized Court Transcriptionists are not experienced or have the expertise to complete some or all projects, and you can be assured your project will be certified by a seasoned and experienced ACT when we chose your transcriptionist.  Check out our support page solution link at for more information.

If you have an Authorized Court Transcriptionist who contracts with us you would like to do your transcript, you will have the option to choose him or her from our list.  For more information on our contractors visit ABOUT US page.


We have a trained team of Authorized Court Transcriptionists to prepare your transcript appeal project from beginning to end.  They have been trained and have the knowledge and time to prepare large appeals within your timelines or the timelines set out by the regulation.  We ensure sequential page numbering where available, volumizing, dates references on each footer, tracking summary chart, and many other no charge features to ensure your appeal volumes or dates are presentable and ready for the appeal court.


We prepare bail hearings, 11b transcripts, appeals, motions, trials, preliminary hearings, small claims court transcripts, assessment hearings, intake hearings, set dates, any Ontario, Superior or Divisional Court transcript can be ordered through our on-line order form.


Finally, before your transcript is released to you it is subject to a quality control for any non-formatting or obvious mis-types.  This procedure will ensure compliance with the Ministry of the Attorney General guidelines.

Please your order today, by choosing our on-line form below:

All our Authorized Court Transcriptionists work as a team.  Through an instant messaging platform they share spellings, information, and guidance to those who may come across something they are unfamiliar or need advice on.  Our Authorized Court Transcriptionists are able to re-listen to a difficult audio typed by another Transcripitonist to ensure accuracy.  So whether you have a large project or small, you can be rest-assured the final product will show consistency and be accurate.