About Us

About Us

Videoplus Transcription Services has been a leading stakeholder in legal and general transcription throughout Ontario since 2000.  We provide legal and general transcripts to the Ministry of the Attorney General, Court Services Division,  Canada Border Services Agency, Government Agencies, Legal Counsel, and Members of the Public.  Our court transcriptionists are certified with the Ministry of the Ontario General and our legal trancriptionists have received training and support through Videoplus Transcripiton Services.  We ensure on-time and accurate transcription of court proceedings, police interviews, 911 calls, tribunals, and general transcription.

Transcript Projects prepared by Videoplus:



KimAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Kim is the owner of Videoplus and was employed with the Ministry of the Attorney General for over 14 years, before committing herself entirely to Videoplus and its operation.   She has prepared hundreds of thousands of court transcripts and audio video transcripts, including the charges laid on the terrorists in Brampton.  She prepared the majority of the preliminary inquiry transcripts for the matter with her high level of skill and ability.  Kim is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since the inception of the new court module of preparing transcripts.

JanetAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –   Janet has been contracting with Videoplus since 2014.  She is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist and registered with the Ministry of the Attorney of general to prepare court transcripts.  She brings with her a wealth of information as a former Ontario and Superior Court in-house court reporter for many years.  She specializes in large Court of Appeal matters, ensuring their content and formatting is acceptable to the court.

Tania AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  Tania has been a contractor with VP since 2013. Tania started as an audio video typist and obtained her ACT license in 2015. Tania has also been employed with the Ministry as a reporter since 2019 and previously as a courtroom clerk. Tania has devoted her career to the justice system. Tania has completed hundred of court transcripts including the a portion of the appeal in the Tim Bosma murder trial. Tania has been involved in proofing and quality control of transcripts for both audio video and ACT transcripts throughout her career with VideoPlus.

Domino – Domino Truitt has been a legal and psychiatric transcriptionist transcribing offender assessments in the Psychiatric Forensics Division at the former Clarke Institute and brings many years’ experience working in various capacities within the Ministry of the Attorney General, providing support at numerous Crown Attorney’s Offices in Ontario and Crown Law Criminal Division. For a brief time she worked at the OPP in a civilian capacity during the inception of Photo Radar and Central Fines. While at Program Development Branch she assisted with the production of the Courts Administration Manual at the Courts Administration Branch in the Program and Development Division and has provided support on some Dangerous Offender applications. Domino has been a contractor with us since 2019. She brings a range of experience to her work, a commitment to each and every client’s needs and a thorough approach to everything she does.

Jenn – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Jenn has been a contractor with VideoPlus Transcription since 2012. She is a Mohawk College alumni with a diploma in Office Administration-Medical and has a certificate in general office administration. She has prepared hundreds of audio video transcripts and court transcripts. Jenn successfully completed the Court Transcriptionist course and has been an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since 2018.

Margaret – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Margaret has been employed in the legal field and courts for over 22 years.  She was a Legal Assistant in a high profile law office for 10 years before becoming an employee with the Ministry of the Attorney General.   While employed with the Province she held positions as a Court Reporter, Judicial Assistant and Court Admin Officer.  She is currently a Clerk/Reporter in the POA Court and has been an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since the new model came into effect.

David AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – David was a court reporter and clerk in Ontario Courts for over 15 years, and was typing transcripts from day one on the job. He has a special aptitude for expert scientific testimony and technical transcription. He has also worked as a transcriptionist in the medical fields of diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and physical rehabilitation. David has been a member of ACTO (Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario) since its inception.

LoisAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  Lois is currently an Authorized Court Transcriptionist with extensive background in all levels of Ontario courts.  Since 1975 she has been a Certified Court Reporter and Trainer for two large Regions of the Province of Ontario.  She retired full-time MAG employment in 2005 and works today at transcript production as a contractor of the Video Plus Transcription firm.  Lois specializes in large appeal transcripts and prides herself on her proven ability to produce accurate and timely transcripts meeting all Ministry guidelines.

Lori – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Seasoned, conscientious, with a strong work ethic, Lori appreciates the value of producing accurate, properly punctuated transcripts which assist the ordering party when reviewing transcripts and/or reading out portions in court.  Having worked in the fields of finance, engineering, a major Toronto school board, the computer industry, the Ministry of Transportation and – for the past 14 years – the Ministry of Attorney General as a court reporter and transcriptionist for the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice, Lori is well-seasoned to perform excellent transcription work in the areas of both criminal and civil proceedings

VanessaAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  In 2016, Vanessa discovered her passion for the Court System when she started as a Court Reporter and further on as a Clerk for the Ministry of Attorney General. She has typed hours, upon hours of preliminary inquiries and trials. She later worked as a Records Clerk for her City’s Police Department. Vanessa is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since 2019 and also types audio video transcripts, as well as live media events.

WandaAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  Wanda graduated as a chairside dental assistant in 1981 and spent many years providing her patients with the best care.  She then returned to college and graduated as a legal assistant in 1993.  She has experience in real estate law, corporate law, and criminal law.  Wanda simultaneously worked in both dental and legal fields then decided to, again, return to college to became an Authorized Court Transcriptionist in 2017.  She brings to the role all the wisdom and knowledge that her diverse background has provided.

VickieAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  Vickie is an experienced Authorized Court Transcriptionist and previously a legal secretary for the Provincial Government.
She has been transcribing court proceedings since 2007 and has been a contractor with Videoplus since 2014. She pays special attention to accuracy, grammar and punctuation, and enjoys researching in order to verify information. Formerly a court reporter at the Durham Consolidated courthouse, Vickie utilizes her 10 years of in-the-courtroom knowledge at both the Ontario and Superior Court of Justice to enhance her transcription skills. Vickie has prepared several hundred transcripts and takes pride in each and every transcript in order to provide accuracy of the court record for every client.

CelinaAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  I commenced typing verbatim court transcripts when I initially became a Certified Court Transcriptionist in 2008 while employed with the Ministry of the Attorney General. Since then, I have advanced my career through several Ministries in addition to my duties as a Certified Court Transcriptionist typing hundreds of thousands of court transcripts. I have employment experience in the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice, as well as in all aspects of the law such as criminal, family, civil, etc. Furthermore, I also have employment experience in custody facilities, courtrooms, and community supervision which provides me an edge on the understanding of court proceedings.

GabrielleAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Gabrielle brings with her ten years of experience in the field of court transcription. She has been a contractor with Videoplus since May 2016. Formerly a court reporter at the Barrie Courthouse, she has acquired many years of experience from both the Ontario and Superior Court. Previous to transcription, Gabrielle worked at the Barrie Public Library. She has immersed herself in a world of words. Words are her passion, and it shows in the quality of her work.

Sherri – Contractor for VP since 2019, obtained Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Guelph in Social Sciences. I’ve worked for Ministry of Solicitor General Community Services for over 20 years- as a Correctional Officer, Rehabilitation Officer and Records Clerk.

Jeena – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Jeena has been an accredited ACT with the Ministry of the Attorney General since 2019. Whether she’s typing transcripts or furthering her knowledge on the current social justice issues, Jeena thrives on educating herself and identifying possibilities. Thanks to her keen eye for words and thirst for knowledge, she is committed to continuously provide quality work for her clients to maintain and guard the integrity of the court.

Kourtney D – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Kourtney is a new member of the Videoplus. Dedicated, motivated and passionate she strives to become an important member of the team as a new Authorize Court Transcriptionist.

Gillian S. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Having been previously employed as a Law Clerk for 10 years, I have always had a strong interest in the precision of law and the legal process. Making the transition to be an ACT was certain and engaged me even more in the process. Having completed transcripts for matters on appeal, in process and on investigation, I am engaged in the work and available to assist you.

Megan – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Megan has been contracting with Videoplus since completing the Authorized Court Transcription course with Verbatim Studies in 2017. Prior to joining Videoplus, Megan worked in a fast-paced law firm performing several duties in the capacity of a Law Clerk. She holds a Law Clerk diploma from Humber College. To date, Megan has prepared hundreds of transcripts while working with Videoplus.

Grace – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Grace is a fully accredited ACT. Before signing onto Videoplus as a contractor in February of 2017, she worked at the Ministry of the Attorney General for five years part-time as a court reporter. This was way back, when the Ministry still used audio tapes! Since coming aboard Videoplus, she has been privileged to work with some fantastic people. We help each other with any questions we may have, where there may not be answers in the CTSP. She has also gained experience in a variety of areas of law, including family, civil and criminal law, both at the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice level,. She also enjoys the freedom of working from home.

Lorraine –  My name is Lorraine and I have been working in law for over 35+ years.  I commenced working in Kingston, Ontario with the firm of George N. Speal.  At that time I prepared Real Estate documents, Estate Planning, Estates, Corporate and accounting.   I worked for him for five years and then moved to Ottawa where I was employed by various law firms namely, Gowling WLG, Soloway Wright, Perley-Robertson, Hill and McDougall and Douglas D. Buchmayer.  While employed by these firms I prepared the majority of the real estate documents for closing.  Upon completion I then prepared the reports and accounts.  I also took a transcription course with IITCR ( International Institute for Transcribers and Court Reporters) and passed with honours.

Marie – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONISTHello, my name is Marie and I have been a contractor with Videoplus since February of 2016 as an Accredited Court Transcriptionist.  Before this, I was employed with the Ministry of the Attorney General for 25 and a half years as a court monitor/reporter working in court at all levels before retiring in December of 2015.  My goal when producing transcripts for clients is accuracy, production on a timely basis, and following the mandated guidelines.

CarleyAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Carley is currently employed with the Ministry of the Attorney General as a Court Reporter in Barrie where she has worked for the last 5 years in OCJ, SCJ and Family Court. Carley is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since 2019.

HildaAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Hilda has been working with VideoPlus since her retirement in April 2017 from the Ministry of the Attorney General.  Hilda has worked for 40 years in the court system, the last 32 years of her career as a Judicial Assistant for the Superior Court bench.  Hilda takes pride in her work, and enjoys preparing transcripts from all levels of courts.

FrancineAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST (Bilingual) –  Francine has been typing court transcripts since 2003 for the Ministry of the Attorney General and has prepared audio and video transcripts and she is fully bilingual in French and English.  She has been typing court, audio and video transcripts with Videoplus since November 2012.  Francine is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist since the inception of the new court module of preparing transcripts with Arkley Professional Services began in 2014.

Diane – I have been a contractor  with VideopPlus Transcription since 2019.  Obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree from McMaster University with a Gerontology Major.  I have been a successful bilingual (French and English) senior manager in customer service and operations for over 20 years in various industries.

Jenn – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Jenn became an Authorized Court Transcriptionist in early 2019 and since then has completed hundreds of transcripts working full-time for VideoPlus Transcription. Prior to becoming an ACT Jenn was an account director with years of experience working in global marketing for companies such as IBM and Microsoft, and also has legal experience through work with the Queen’s University Law Clinics. She is extremely professional and conscientious about both the quality of her work and meeting deadlines.

JeannetteAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Jeannette was an employee of the Ministry of the Attorney General for over ten years in the position of Court Clerk, Secretary in the Crown Attorney’s Office and Court Transcriptionist. She has been an Authorized Court Transcriptionist for over 20 years. She has typed transcripts at all levels of court, including court transcripts and audio video. Jeannette operates at a high skill level, with great attention to detail in her transcripts. She takes great pride in providing the best possible service for our valued clients.

NicoleAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Nicole began her employment in 2007 with the Ministry of Attorney General in the Criminal Courts as a courtroom clerk and then a client services representative. In 2011, she started her employment within the Provincial Offences court where she became certified to type POA transcripts. In 2018, Nicole became certified as an ACT and has experience in transcribing Ontario Court and Superior Court matters.

Deanna – Contracting with VideoPlus since 2019, Deanna has over 20 years experience in the data entry industry, including employment with large life insurance companies Sunlife Financial and Equitable Life. That coupled with her years teaching English oversees result in a strong work ethic and organizational skills. Deanna is also a world traveler who is fluent in Chinese, and she is constantly seeking new challenges to better herself.

NimrodAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – My name, as unique as it is, is not the only thing different about me. I have over 20 years of in court experience, which includes over 15 years of transcription. I am a certified ACT and have been since the new transcription module was released. I have worked on many big cases, including one of the biggest child pornography cases in Canada. I always give my all to my transcripts and it shows in the finished product.

Crystal – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – I am a real-time court stenographer with experience in criminal, civil, commercial and family law. I spent 25 years with the Superior Court of Justice in downtown Toronto working on high profile criminal trials. I now use my skills as a real-time court stenographer to type transcripts on a quick turnaround, with a typing speed of 200+ WPM. I have worked on and prepared transcripts for trials such as the Jane Creba Boxing Day shooting, Hells Angels organized crime, David Snow murder trial, Loomis armed robbery, just to name a few.

Dianne – I retired from office work 12 years ago, after 20 years of transcription and began typing for Video Plus Transcription Services. I appreciate the flexible hours and variety of assignments.

Cindy – Cindy has been an audio-video typist for Video Plus Transcription Services since 2019. She has a diverse career background, having moved to Austria-Europe where she was, among others, a secretary at the Austrian Ministry for Foreign Affairs as well as an English Teacher.  Returning to her hometown of Hamilton, Cindy feels fortunate to have been given this work opportunity. She views the many life challenges and works experiences as opportunities for growth and learning, continuously seeking to improve herself and her work.

Robb –AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONISTRobert studied literature at McGill University and brings two decades of accounting and investment management industry experience to his work. He holds the Canadian Investment Manager designation (CSI) and the Certificate in Investment Portfolio Measurement (CFA Institute). Bilingual in English and French, he has studied German, Russian, and Latin extensively. In 2017, he received his ACT certification, bringing this expertise into the court reporting profession and the VP team.

Mary – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST ACT since 2015. Has completed hundreds of multi level court proceedings ranging from POA to SCJ in both audio and video recordings. Experienced in VIS and Police statements as well both audio and video recordings. Experienced court reporter, clerk and register in Cochrane Ontario for 5 years. Currently employed as a Judicial assistant at the SCJ in Ottawa Ontario demonstrating a vast array of knowledge and experience in court proceedings and terminology.

Omar – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONISTOmar has been a contractor with VideoPlus since June 2018. He has a background working in accounting and human resources for over 20 years, including working for large retail companies, actuarial firms, and the farming industry. Contracting for VideoPlus has proven to be a step in the right direction for new challenges towards growth and development.

Andrea – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –Andrea became certified in 2016 and immediately began contracting with VP. Initially pursuing her paralegal licence, she interned in the Crown’s office at John Sopinka Courthouse. In 2014, she became an employee for the Ministry of the Attorney General, clerking in the Ontario and Superior Court of Justice. There, she witnessed numerous jury trials, including the notable Tim Bosma. Andrea has legal and procedural expertise in criminal court, specializing in bail and drug court, but also has experience with family court.

Julie – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – I was employed with the Ministry of Attorney General for 12 years. I worked exclusively in the Ontario Court of Justice in Oshawa, Ontario as a court clerk. While I was employed, I began typing police interviews and have been doing that for the last five years. I most recently began producing court transcripts as an authorized court transcriptionist. I retired from the courthouse in Oshawa a year ago and am working full-time as an authorized court transcriptionist. I take pride in my work to provide an accurate transcript to be used in court.

Erin – Erin has been a contractor with Videoplus Transcription since 2018. She graduated with honours from the Laurentian University Bachelor of Arts program at Georgian College, with a degree in English Literature. Erin specializes in audio video transcripts and prides herself on her strong work ethic, the quality of her work, and her attention to detail. With many years of personal experience as a writer, Erin has an extensive knowledge of proper grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation, as well as a dedication to lifelong learning.

Nancy – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONISTNancy  has been contracting with Videoplus since 2014.  She is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist and registered with the Ministry of the Attorney General to prepare court transcripts.  She brings with her over 30 years of experience in the production of transcripts and also as a former Ontario and Superior Court in-house court reporter employed for many years in one of the busiest courthouses in Ontario.

Nina – I started typing for VP Transcription early 2016.  My background is a pediatric RN mostly with special needs children, plus nursing in rural Uganda.  After adopting and marrying, I decided to stay at home and home school our 4 children.  When only one teen was remaining to be home schooled,  I needed work I could do from home and did not want to do any selling or promoting products or parties.  Transcribing was perfect for me.  I love typing and can work any time and quickly found I had the speed and accuracy required and enjoyed the challenge and being involved in an important part of so many cases affecting many individuals and their lives.  It’s been 4 1/2 years now and hundreds of transcripts.  I’ve done some proofing at the prompting of other proofers who knew my work quality, but prefer the actual typing of the transcripts so have stayed in that role.  This opportunity has made all the difference for myself and my family.

Nicole H. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONISTNicole started with VideoPlus full-time in 2017 as an audio-video typist, producing hundreds of transcripts. In 2019, she successfully completed the course to become an Authorized Court Transcriptionist. She has worked on many big cases, including the Josipovic matter. Previously, she studied English, French, Spanish and Latin while attending York University.

Jan J. – I recently retired after eight years with the Halton Regional Police Service.  During my time there I worked as a Crown Brief Compiler, becoming familiar with court documentation and processes, criminal records and terminology.  I also worked as a Records Clerk with HRPS.  I have worked independently as a transcriptionist for a Psychologist for the past 25 years.  Originally from Great Britain, I completed a comprehensive Administration course while at school in England.

Bernadette DAUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – I am a new member of VideoPlus since September 2019.  I strive for excellence in all my work.  I am proud to be part of the strong team at VideoPlus.  I am currently in the mentoring program to learn all the aspects of court transcripts.

Michelle D – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST Hello! My name is Michelle and I have been employed with the Ministry of the Attorney General as a certified court reporter since 2004.  My primary work location has been in the heart of Toronto at 361 University Avenue, Superior Court.  I have typed numerous transcripts over the years in Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Family and Bankruptcy cases, to name a few.  Over the last couple of years, I have had the wonderful opportunity of travelling overseas to the Republic of Ireland, working in their court system and with independent stakeholders and supplying them with my court reporting services.  This life-changing experience has only expanded and nurtured my professional growth as a dedicated reporter who appreciates the quality of an accurate transcript.  My vast experience working in the  Superior Court system and overseas has proven to be exceptionally valuable and recognized.  With my training in transcript production, along with my knowledge in legal terminology and case law, I am able to provide clients with the best care and attention to detail that all clients deserve.  I look forward to working with you!
Catherine M. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Catherine has been an authorized court transcriptionist since 2018.  She has learned a lot from producing transcripts and it has improved her skills as a typist.  Catherine endeavours to produce quality transcripts in a timely manner for her clients.  Catherine has a college diploma in executive office administration.  However, she spends most of her time as a volunteer assisting people in the temiskaming area.  Catherine also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking.
Joan A. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST  –  Joan obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree from York University with work experience in Advertising, Marketing, Finance, and Investments.  She was previously employed in a major Bank and a Global Investment Company specializing in Foreign Exchange, Tax Laws, Compliance, Asset Management and Data Analytics for over 10 years.  Joan is a professional with a strong work ethic, organizational skills, and discipline that thrives in high-pressure situations.  She received her ACT certification in 2019 and gained transcript production skills and  knowledge in her portfolio.  She immediately contracted for VideoPlus where they pride themselves as the leading stakeholder in legal and general transcription services.
Megan R. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONISTAfter working in the medical field, Megan decide to have a family and was blessed with three children, in which her youngest is medically complex. Her kids and life journeys have taught her patience, perseverance and determination which she puts into every transcript she works on. She quickly learnt the skills required to be an efficient transcriptionist and is a dedicated new member of the the VP team since early .
Adrienne R. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST Adrienne began working with the Ministry of the Attorney General in 2011 as a Court Reporter and has been transcribing court matters since. She
has extensive experience in OCJ and SCJ (Criminal, Civil and Family) procedures. Adrienne graduated on the Dean’s list with a Honours in Psychology from Nipissing University and published her thesis on the
topic of re-offending using data obtained from the LSI-OR. Criminology and psychology are topics of interest and with that she is able to strongly understand the context of court matters and documents in able to ensure an accurate transcript.


Roberta M –   AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – Roberta has seven years experience working as a court reporter in the Oshawa Courthouse, during which I was trained to be certified as an ACT, and since leaving the courthouse has been working full time as an ACT, producing transcripts while working from home for the past five years. I have experience proofing and training new ACTS as they start their career as a full time ACT. I have clients who order from me regularly but still accept any orders that are requested of me.

Stephanie – AUDIO AND VIDEO PROOFER – My love of law began after high school.  I obtained a law clerk diploma and worked for the Ministry of Attorney General, Family Court Branch for a brief period of time.  In 2014, I ventured into social housing where I administered rent-to-geared income under the legislative framework of the Housing Services Act.  I worked with various government agencies and partners across Ontario and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I was a valued member of the Regional Review Panel for 4 years, where I was called upon for appeals related to rent-to-geared income, special needs housing and priority placement, as well as housing related decisions and reviews made by local social housing providers.  In 2018, I joined VideoPlus as a means to earn an extra income and became enthralled.  I dedicated myself to learning all facets of audio and video, and in 2019 became a proofer.  I have a keen ear and an exceptional work ethic resulting in consistent and high-quality work.  I value the importance of an accurate transcript as a crucial part of the judicial process and ensuring no integrity of content is lost in translation.

Antoinette D. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST  –   Antoinette worked as a court reporter for the Ministry of the Attorney General in Hamilton for 16 years.  During that time she has prepared many transcripts of Family Court, Criminal Court, Small Claims Court, Court of Appeal and Divisional Court proceedings.  Antoinette is presently working as an ACT with Videoplus Transcription Services and is committed to providing excellent court transcripts.  Her Masters Degree in English Language and Literature has helped her achieve skill and ability in this area.

Yigal K. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST – After graduating with a paralegal diploma, Yigal joined the criminal courts in Toronto as a court reporter in 2007.  It was love at first sight.  He became certified by the Ministry of the Attorney General to produce transcripts in 2009 and has since trained other aspiring court transcriptionists, as well.  Yigal is currently stationed in the family courts in Toronto, which he finds fascinating.

Ashley H.AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  Ashley has been transcribing matters and has been employed with the Ministry of the Attorney General since 2007.  She has been a member of the VideoPlus transcription team since 2013.  She has experience in court as a court reporter and has transcribed Superior Court and Ontario Court transcripts from criminal, family, and civil small claims.

Jean W. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST Following training in the court system, at George Brown College and Bryan College of Court Reporting in Los Angeles and receiving a Certificate of Merit for verbatim reporting, worked as a Certified Court Reporter from 1979 to December of 2011.  Worked for two years as court reporter and secretary for Mr. Justice Webber in the Orangeville Courthouse, followed by nearly 30 years in the Brampton Courthouse with the majority of the time in the Superior Court of Ontario.  During tenure as a court reporter, requested to undertake a number of confidential and highly sensitive reporting assignments including inquests, internal inquiries by the Police Commission and a hearing at Penetanguishene Maximum Security Facility, Ontario. While in Brampton Superior Court was assigned to many high profile cases including the first trial in which DNA evidence was accepted and the first ‘terrorist’ trial held in Brampton.  Since retiring from the court system have maintained ACT certification and transcribe proceedings for VP Transcription.

Natalie S. – AUTHORIZED COURT TRANSCRIPTIONIST –  Natalie became a certified transcriptionist in 2010 upon graduating with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Political Science and starting work with the courts in Hamilton, Ontario. After spending ten years working for various court jurisdictions and police agencies Natalie began a career as a full time Authorized Court Transcriptionist in 2020.