How Outsourced Video/Audio Transcription Can Help Your Business

How Outsourced Video/Audio Transcription Can Help Your Business

Corporations, government agencies, individuals rely heavily on video and audio transcription for accuracy and convenience of transcription services. As opposed to automated devices, which deliver an inferior transcription of the recording, professional transcriptionists are accurate and can be relied on by the reader. The amount of errors is high for mechanized services and cost savings will heavily affect the accuracy of the transcript. Mechanized transcription programming requires hours of editing, with verbatim errors and punctuation requiring correction.


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Mechanical transcription or transcription by an inexperienced transcriptionist can result in errors. Videoplus specializes in legal transcription with Authorized Court Transcriptionists and trained transcribers who know the importance of a transcript used in court proceedings. Terms, set up and on-time delivery are important when transcripts are to be used in a court proceeding. Experienced transcriptionists will ensure you can rely 100 percent on the printed material.

Police videos are an essential part of many criminal proceedings, and video transcribers with trained ears are able to decipher words that might otherwise not be heard during playback in court or pre-court preparation. The transcript can be used as an aid and even filed as an exhibit for later reference rather than having to listen and re-listen to the video or audio to capture and retain every word.

Court transcription of proceedings held in courthouses across Ontario can only be transcribed by Authorized Court Transcriptionists. Choosing the right transcriptionist for court transcription in Ontario is essential. Not every transcriber has the experience with the terms and different types of proceedings. A short course to become an Authorized Court Transcriptionist is not adequate to choose an authorized court transcriptionist, but years of experience and court transcripiton trains the ACT to hear the correct words, case law, and terminology used in many proceedings in both Ontario and Superior Court.

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